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{I had a chance to quickly use the filters at the weekend while out with clients. Here are my initial thoughts and feedback.   I love how simple everything is to use. From unpackaging to putting the rings onto the lenses it was just so simple and everything works perfectly.  The space that the filters save in my camera bag are superb, not to mention the weight savings.    The colour coding on the filters is superb. It makes finding the correctly filter so much easier and I guess this is what you had in mind when you designed the product.   I used the CPL for virtually all of the images that I took this weekend and initial impressions were superb.    -       There was no image degradation at all when using the filter, which you sometimes get with poor quality glass. -       The colours looked amazing when using it. -       There was virtually zero flare when shooting directly into the sun, which I was amazed at.  -       The CPL rotated realty smoothly on the ring. I will be really interested to see how easy they are to use when wearing gloves during the winter. -       The magnets appear to be very strong and very little chance is knocking the filter off. I have seen this happen with Kase filters and a client lost virtually a full set during a workshop in Norway due to this issue.    I didn’t use any of the other filters on Saturday but will be able to test them all out this weekend whilst out with clients.   The Quick case that you keep the filters in works as designed and well. Again, it will be interesting to see how well the clasp stands up over the course of the winter. I do like the size of it though as it should be easy to use with gloves on. I do with there was a way to attach some sort of strap to the case though that I could either put around my neck or attach to a tripod. I am thinking more so about when I am stood in moving water and need to change filters over. It’s just a thought that may make things easier. It is great to see though that you must remove the filters rather than them just falling out.
Steve Bell
Just wanted to let you know that I have received all of my items and thank you so much for the wonderful customer service along the way.
Have a great day!

Here is what I love about this Maven Filter Set 

  • The highest quality glass of any filter system I have tried (and I have tried MANY) no color casts or loss of sharpness.

  • Smart color coding makes it easy to quickly grab the filter type and strength you want. When I am out in the field I don’t like to waste time trying to read the tiny print.

  • The magnetic strength of these filters is better than the competition. They do not fall off when you bump the camera/lens and are still easily removable.

  • Hydrophobic coating means water/dust/dirt just wipes off without any streaks. It is a bit like magic and I know I sound a little like an infomercial but I dropped one of the filters in the snow this weekend and was amazed that I didn’t have any streaks left behind.

  • The carry system is nice and compact, as a worldwide travel photographer and workshop educator I value travel-friendly products and these easily slip into the bag and take up less room than my smallest lens.

{I just received my filters, and I’m very excited to try them out!
Sylvester O.
{My filters arrived just in time for my Scotland trip. Perfect, and looking forward to putting them through their paces.
Melvyn M.
{Just received by filters about an hour ago and so far am very impressed. This is at least my 7th filter company since my start in Long Exposure photography. Can't wait to put these to use very soon.
Michael N.
{Love the filters, Michael. Got my a few weeks back all are in perfect order. Fantastic products and well built too. Nice job!
Kush P.

My filters arrived today, two days earlier than initially expected. So YAY!

Many have mentioned the build quality and I'd echo that. And those magnets are very strong.

The packaging is first rate too.

I like how the filters can only go on one way, makes it impossible to reverse-mount the polarizer!

Really looking forward to trying these out in the field. Great job, Michael and the crew!

Rod B.
{My filters just arrived, and I will be looking forward to putting them to use. The packaging was great and everything arrived in perfect shape and in a timely manner. Again, thank you for all your work in getting these into production, and happy you had a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Janina C
Just want say that I am super happy with the filters. Thank you so much for getting them to me early. I’m now a huge fan!
Peo O.
{Hi Michael… my filters arrived on Monday. I absolutely love them. Thank you for pushing quality into this product. None of the other options on the market fit my use case, and these are fantastic.
Damon S.
{Hi Michael, I just received my filter set (+night sky) last week! They look and feel fantastic and I'm looking forward to using them very soon. Anyway, thanks for such an incredible product at such a great price!
Daniel L
{Hi all I just wanted to thank you so much for the new filters. I have only used them a couple of times so far but they are awesome. Way better than my old threaded. Thanks again and I love your product and support.
Brian C
{I have the pleasure to have a set of these amazing filters.
Paul C
{Got my shipment and everything looks amazing! looking forward to trying them out this weekend!
Brian P
{Hey Team Maven! I absolutely love my Maven filter kit! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to delivering quality products and service!
Richard S.
{I got my Indegigo rewards (a 105mm set) today, my Kickstarter rewards (82mm and a bunch of step-up rings) last week, and a supplemental order (a bunch of magnetic rings I SHOULD have thought of earlier so all the step up rings can store with magnets ready to go) shipped today. So, certainly, a happy backer since all my items arrived in Ireland ahead of the projected date. Great kit. Very happy with the purchase. Know you and your crew have been working hard, Thanks!
Montmorency F.
{I purchased the Maven Filter system as a Kickstarter backer and I couldn’t be more pleased. The filters have a high build quality, are very light and have no color cast. The magnets work extremely well. The Maven Filter Set has significantly reduced the size and weight of what I carry in my photography kit. I highly recommend them!
Dave D.
{I received my filters yesterday, and I am very impressed with the quality of them as well as how strong the magnets are. This will save me so much time and frustration when needing to swap them out quickly. I love the quick draw case for its solid and compact, which will save me a lot of room in the bag when I go hiking. Have a few trips coming up, but I will be heading to the mountains close to my house to try them out. I have been very impressed with this campaign from the beginning, and it was worth the wait to get these.
Mark Y.
{Hi Michael- I am Alex, 27 years old I am registered as severely sight Impaired/blind and an amateur photographer of both wildlife and landscapes. My vision has a massive impact on my photography, but because I love it so much, I refuse to let it stop me from doing what I love doing. Because I usually know what kind of picture I am trying to capture where ever I am, my mum( my chauffer) is always with me, and I might need to check with her depending on certain lighting conditions,s, etc., my settings; I also have night blindness so on a night my limitations are quite strong. I have used Kase filters but find it quite difficult to differentiate between the different filters and worry about dropping them; there is a bit of faff and additions before you can get them on your lens. I then found out about your brand Maven Filters, through a fellow photographer and thought these might be a better option due to my eyesight. I can 100% say that after the first time using Maven filters, I was well impressed. Firstly the tactile notches on the outer rings were an absolute game changer for me being able to feel the different numbered gaps. Also, the strength of the magnets, when attached to the lens, was outstanding in just how strong they are. And the ease of removing and replacing a lens or adding a lens to another was brilliant compared to previous filters; much less time taking and 100% easier. The case they come in is also neat, compact, and easy to carry. Anyone with vision impairment would benefit from using the maven filters. I would 100% recommend Maven filters as it has been an absolute game-changer for me, and thank you for making my photography life a lot easier. Kind regards Alex D.
Alex D.
{Hi Michael… my filters arrived on Monday. I absolutely love them. Thank you for pushing quality into this product. None of the other options on the market fit my use case, and these are fantastic. Anyway… onward and upward. Thanks again. Damon
{Hi Michael, I was an early supporter of your project. I just wanted to reach out and let you know how impressed I am with the entire process, down to the product itself. This set was a present for my partner, who is a hobby photographer, and she loved it. Your communication and information have been amazing. I understand how much effort you have put in to keep us all up to date, and I would love to leave you a review to show my support. But mainly, I wanted to thank you for such a great product and such a great customer experience. Best of luck for the future. Regards. Alex.
Alex G.
{I have participated in many Kickstarter and Indiegogo.com product funding efforts.  The Maven process is by far and away the best run and most successful crowdfunding effort I have personally experienced. Notable is the level and detail of the communication.  Questions were answered promptly with sufficient detail to help me understand what was happening, the reason for delays, and helpful estimates about the timelines for shipping and deliveries. The thought process that went into product design was first-rate.  Several additions were added that I had not anticipated but appreciated.  In short, this filter system is nothing short of amazing.  The color concept for different filter types is brilliant.  It is so logical and helpful I am surprised no one has done it.  Simple solutions to annoying problems are the best and my definition of elegant design. I also believe it is important to acknowledge that any successful multi-dimensional effort reflects the skills and effectiveness of a team effort.  I only know of Michael and Adam, but I am sure others worked equally hard on this project.  Well, I did, team Maven.  You have earned both my trust and respect.
Greg S.
{My initial filter kit order and related accessories arrived yesterday.  I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but I just wanted to send a quick note and say....Wow!  Nicely done!!  Very, very impressive and incredibly well thought out.  The packaging is particularly impressive, and I cannot wait to put these filters to use.  So glad I decided to back this project and ditch my previous filter set.  The color coding system particularly attracted me, as I am 59 years old and cannot seem to see &$(@ anymore!  But the color coding is just the start! Really, really well done, and I hope this venture really takes off for you.  I look forward to rounding out my kit with additional rings and cannot wait to see what you have in store next! Best regards, Tony
Tony A.
{My Maven Filters arrived today! Woo hoo! I have not had a chance to do anything with them yet, except take a couple of comparisons photos with and without the CP filter in place. I was very impressed with the packaging and overall presentation! These filters look very well made, and they do seem to hold onto the adaptor very nicely. I love that there are three ways to carry these: The plastic holder they came in, or the included soft carrier, or stack them together magnetically and put the front and back cover on (the back cover is sold separately, but I bought it). When just stacked together with the front and rear covers on, the whole stack is less than 1 inch thick (I measured about 14/16th, give or take)
Cyril S.