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MAVEN ND Filters, or Neutral Density Filters are designed with speed & performance in mind. Real Color Neutrality, Magnetic Connection & Color Coded Rings.

Step-Up Rings



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6 reviews for Step-Up Rings

  1. Chris Wayne (verified owner)

    The build quality of these filters is solid, and the magnet does a good job of keeping the filter in place. However, I wish the magnet was just a tad stronger. Sometimes, when I pull my camera out of the bag, the filter tends to come off due to the friction. It’s not a major problem, and the filter has never fallen off while the camera is out of the bag, but a stronger magnet would be a nice improvement.

  2. Donald Havre (verified owner)

    I had filters for my Sony and wanted to add my Canon. The stepup ring does the job. When in the field its so easy to replace the cover for the filters.

  3. Scott (verified owner)

  4. Kurt F. (verified owner)

  5. Steve Bauer (verified owner)

    The step-up ring attached smoothly to my lens and had plenty of magnetic strength to hold the filter.

  6. Dave D. (verified owner)

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1st Number = Filter Thread Size.

2nd Number = Filter Size. 

Magnetic Step-Up Rings: Expand Your Filter Options

Maven Magnetic Step-Up Rings allow you to use larger filter sizes on lenses with smaller filter thread sizes. Unlock the versatility of your lenses with Maven Step-Up Rings. Upgrade your photography toolkit with Maven Step-Up Rings. With Step-Up Rings you will have more creative possibilities. Undoubtedly this is the perfect solution for expanding your filter compatibility and maximizing your creative potential.

  • Expand Filter Compatibility: Thread Step-Up Rings onto the front of your lens to accommodate larger filter size. Maximize your filter options.
  • Flexible Lens Adaptation: Easily adapt your lenses with smaller filter thread sizes to utilize filters designed for larger lenses. Enhance your creative possibilities with flexibility adaptation.
  • Simplify Gear Management: Streamline your gear setup by investing in Step-Up Rings. This reduces the need to purchase multiple filters for different lenses.

Magnetic Step-Up Rings are essential accessories for photographers looking to optimize their Magnetic Filters collection without the hassle of purchasing duplicate filters for various lenses. Step-Up Rings offer a cost-effective solution for expanding your filter options and maximizing your creative potential. Check out Jeffrey Tadlock In the Field with Maven Filters, utilizing Step-Up Rings. Upgrade your photography toolkit today with Step-Up Rings and take your photography to new heights.

Protect Your Filter Accessories:

For smart ways to protect your filters, Maven Filters has many types of cases and holders. The Q Maven Filter Case is a clear hard shell that is compact, durable, and is made for you to put Step-Up Rings inside. To see how they work together, check out the Q-Case Video. The Maven Filter Holster is a larger option that allows more room to carry.