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Enhance your photography with MAVEN’s Ultimate Lens Protector. Offering superior protection against water, dust, and grime, these innovative accessories—Splash Guards, Adapters, and Step-Up Rings—ensure your lens stays safe in harsh conditions. Compatible with other MAVEN filters, they provide versatile and reliable lens protection for any photographer.

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SPLASH GUARDS| Filter | Adapter Ring | Step-Up Ring

In the fast-paced world of photography, safeguarding your lens is paramount, especially in challenging conditions. The MAVEN Ultimate Lens Protector, also known as the Splash Guard or UV Lens Filter, offers unrivaled protection. Discover how this innovative accessory provides ultimate defense for your lens in harsh environments.

Splash Guard Filter: Lens Protection 

Splash Guard Filter

  • Tailored for Harsh Conditions: Specifically designed for shooting in extremely dirty, dusty, or harsh weather conditions. Ensures the front element of your lens remains shielded from harm.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with other MAVEN magnetic filters of the same size. Offers versatility and convenience for photographers seeking maximum adaptability.

Defensive Qualities of the MAVEN Splash Guard

  • Elevated Defense: The built-in splash guard provides a layer of protection against water splashes, dirt, dust, grime, light rain, mud, and other hazards. Effectively reduces wear on the front of your camera lens.
  • Preserves Lens Coating: Protects the delicate coating on your lens from potential damage by light or environmental elements. Ensures long-lasting performance and image quality.

Experience uncompromising lens protection with the MAVEN Ultimate Lens Protector. Capture stunning images with confidence, knowing your lens is safe against harsh conditions. For enhanced photo quality, check out the Maven Circular Polarizer!

Splash Adapters: Lens Protections with Adapter Ring

Splash Guard Adapter Ring

In the world of photography, protecting your lens is crucial, especially when shooting in challenging conditions. The Splash (UV) Adapter from MAVEN makes lens protection easy. This innovative accessory combines the functionality of a regular magnetic adapter ring with the protective properties of a splash (UV) guard.

Innovative Design of MAVEN Splash Adapters

  • Combined Properties: Features the characteristics of a regular Magnetic Adapter and a regular Splash (UV) Guard.
  • Unique Magnetic Ring: Features original adapter color and splash guard knurling for enhanced functionality and protection.

Ultimate Lens Protection with the Splash Adapter

  • Ideal for Harsh Conditions: Designed for shooting in very dirty, dusty, or harsh weather conditions. Ensures the front element of your lens remains safe.
  • Secure Fit: Prevents the ring from bumping off during intense use.

Enhanced Compatibility of MAVEN Splash Adapters

  • Accepts Other MAVEN Filters: Compatible with other MAVEN magnetic filters of the same size, offering versatility and convenience.
  • Additional Adaptation: For more lens adaptation, check out the Maven Splash Step-Up Ring or the Magnetic Step-Up Ring itself.

Unleash the full potential of your photography equipment with our Lens Protector Splash Guard Adapter Filter. Designed to withstand the toughest environments, this innovative accessory provides unmatched protection for your lens while maintaining compatibility with other MAVEN magnetic filters.

Splash Step-Up Rings: Lens Protection with Step-Up Ring

Splash Guard Step-Up Ring

Upgrade your photography gear with our innovative Maven Magnetic Step-Up Ring Splash Guard Filter. This accessory is designed to meet both lens filter adaptation and elemental protection needs for your camera lens with the UV Splash Guard function.

Step-Up Ring Function of MAVEN Ultimate Lens Protector

  • Versatile Compatibility: Attach lens filters larger than the native thread size using the step-up ring component. Allows you to use a single set of filters across multiple lenses with different diameters.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Save money by investing in this combo filter, eliminating the need to purchase separate UV lens protectors for each lens size in your collection.

Splash Guard Feature of MAVEN Step-Up Rings

  • Enhanced Protection: The built-in splash guard provides an added layer of protection against water splashes, dirt, dust, grime, light rain, mud, and other hazards.
  • Preserves Lens Coating: Protects the special coating on your lens from damage caused by light impact or environmental elements.

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