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Night Sky

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Illuminate Your Night Shots with the MAVEN Night Filter

Enhance your nighttime photography with the MAVEN Night Filter. This filter eliminates color cast caused by artificial light sources like street lamps. Artificial light sources flood the sky in big cities, making it difficult to have a clear night sky that is true to life.

Clearer Nightscapes

  • Enhance Clarity: Achieve clearer and more captivating nightscapes with reduced color distortion. Furthermore, subjects will stand out against the backdrop of the night sky due with this enhanced clarity.

Focusing on stars often is a struggle for many. The Maven Focus on Stars Filter (AKA Starry Focus) is quite identical to a Bahtinov Mask. This tool helps you achieve in focus shots of the stars.

Superior Night Sky Color

  • Minimize Color Cast: Minimize the undesirable color cast made by artificial light sources. Night shots appear more natural and true to life.

Elevate your nighttime photography with the Maven Night Filter, ensuring your images are free from unwanted color cast and full of captivating clarity. Say goodbye to night skies that are destroyed by city lights. See your city’s night sky in a new way you haven’t seen before!

Your new, true to life sky will be enchanting. Undoubtedly, this filter will change the way people usually see the night sky with unnatural color casting. Illuminate your night photography today with clear and natural skies. Check out Alex Armitage’s Long Term Review of Maven Filters.

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