MAVEN ND Filters, or Neutral Density Filters are designed with speed & performance in mind. Real Color Neutrality, Magnetic Connection & Color Coded Rings.

Neutral Density


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MAVEN Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density (ND) filters manage the light entering your camera’s lens. Traditionally, ND filters were cumbersome due to their uniform black color and tiny, hard-to-read labels. MAVEN has simplified this by introducing color-coded ND filters, making them easy to identify and use.

Innovative Color Coding for Easy Identification

MAVEN ND Filters feature a unique color-coding system:

  • Money Maker Green = 2 Stop ND Filter: Ideal for professional use, offering precise control.
  • Red = 3 Stop ND Filter: Designed for outdoor video recording, matching the video record icon.
  • PINK = 4 Stop ND Filter: Enhances color performance, perfect for fixed ISO video cameras.
  • Purple = 6 Stop ND Filter: Best used at dusk or dawn, mirroring the sky during these times.
  • Orange = 10 Stop ND Filter: Suitable for long daytime exposures, evoking the sun.

Extreme Long Exposure / Solar Photography*:

  • Brown = 15 Stop ND Filter
  • White/Black Notches = 18 Stop ND Filter
  • Black/White Notches = 20 Stop ND Filter

*Do not use ND filters to look directly at the sun or during eclipses, as this could cause permanent eye damage.

Enhanced Features of MAVEN ND Filters

MAVEN ND filters have 16 layers of Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) and a hydrophobic nanoparticle layer, making them easy to clean. They also feature tactile notches for effortless differentiation between filters. This design reduces the need for color correction in post-processing, as all filters guarantee Tier 1 color neutrality.

Availability and Enhanced Warranty

Each MAVEN ND filter comes with a unique serial number and a limited lifetime warranty. For budget-friendly options, MAVEN offers threaded Neutral Density Filters.

Protecting Your Filters

MAVEN offers various cases and holders, such as the durable and compact Maven Quick Case, to protect your filters.


Explore the creative possibilities with 15, 18, and 20-stop Neutral Density filters while prioritizing safety in your photography endeavors. For additional innovative options, consider the CPL ND Filter, which combines a Circular Polarizer with an ND Filter. MAVEN Filters have been proudly recognized as part of Phoblographer’s Best Photography Gear of 2023.

Why Choose Maven nd filters?

Tier 1 Color Performance


Photo: Solomon Pena


Color Neutrality

No noticeable color shift – Guaranteed

Left Side: 10ND from well know filter brand

Right Side: Maven 10ND

No ND Filter

10ND from well know Filter Brand

Maven 10ND

3 Stop ND

6 Stop ND

photo: Louis Chan

10 Stop ND

photo: Salomon Pena