MAVEN ND Filters, or Neutral Density Filters are designed with speed & performance in mind. Real Color Neutrality, Magnetic Connection & Color Coded Rings.

MAVEN ND Filters – Neutral Density

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MAVEN ND Filters -

Neutral Density filters (Commonly called "ND Filters") reduce the amount of light that comes through your camera's lens. For years, they have have not been easy to use. Simply attach the filter to your Magnetic Adapter Ring. Traditionally, a set of ND filters from any specific brand is black or the same color with tiny identifying text. To remedy this, MAVEN ND Filters identifies the strength of each filter using specific colors. 

Our 3 Stop ND filter is RED to match the Video Record Icon. Therefore, use as a 3 Stop filter is commonly needed in video recording outside.
The MAVEN 6 Stop is PURPLE to match the purple sky at dusk or dawn, a perfect time to use a 6 Stop filter for long exposures.
Orange is like the Sun! Likewise, our 10 Stop ND filter is Orange. Use it for long Daytime photography exposures.

Check out Maven Wave 2 Neutral Density Filters featuring extreme ND Filters! Wave 2 features Dark CPLs which combine CPL ND Filters.

One common problem with ND filters, is they are often NOT color neutral. As a result, Michael developed a number of tests to measure a cameras color performance. All MAVEN Neutral density filters are guaranteed to score a rating of Tier 1, meaning there is no visible color shift. This increases your workflow speed by not needing to color correct in post.

In addition, Each filter has its own tactile identifier, so you can not only see, but feel the difference between each filter.
Taking it a step further, each MAVEN ND filter features 16 layers of MRC (multi resistant coating) as well as a hydrophobic nano particle layer to repel water. The result is an easy to clean surface, saving you additional prep time. Read the SlashGear Review on Maven Filters.

For Maven filters at a fraction of the cost, check out the threaded Neutral Density Filters

All MAVEN ND filters come unique serial numbers and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Why Choose Maven nd filters?

Tier 1 Color Performance


Photo: Solomon Pena


Color Neutrality

No noticeable color shift – Guaranteed

Left Side: 10ND from well know filter brand

Right Side: Maven 10ND

No ND Filter

10ND from well know Filter Brand

Maven 10ND

3 Stop ND

6 Stop ND

photo: Louis Chan

10 Stop ND

photo: Salomon Pena