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Maven Magnetic Lens Hoods

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Maven Magnetic Lens Hoods – PROTOTYPES

3 Maven Magnetic Lens Hoods

Maven magnetic lens hoods redefine how you protect your lenses from glare and stray light with lightweight construction and magnetic attachment capabilities. Explore the possibilities of effortless lens shading with Maven’s magnetic lens hood collection. Our cutting-edge designs include the MAVEN SHADE BLADE: Wide-Angle Edition and the MAVEN FALCON/SOLO. Our lens hoods offer photographers unparalleled convenience and versatility.

1. MAVEN SHADE BLADE: Wide-Angle Edition

Maven Shade Blade Magnetic Lens Hood Prototype


  • Featherweight Champion: It’s one of the lightest magnetic lens hoods globally, by weighing just 4 grams.
  • Quick Switch: Easily attach or detach for dynamic shooting environments.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Switch between lenses effortlessly. 
  • Secure Fit: Designed for native-size adapters, filters, magnets, and step-up rings.
  • Adaptable Design: Flexible form accommodates various lens sizes, though fit snugness may vary. (Note: Longer blades on wider lenses may cause vignetting).

Shade Blade Maven Magnetic Lens Hood set up on Camera and tripod on the go


  • Target Audience: Primarily suits wide-angle landscape photographers. A telephoto version is in development.
  • Safety: Lacks impact protection; resilient against wind, but prone to being knocked off if bumped.
  • Orientation Adjustments: Requires repositioning when transitioning between portrait and landscape orientations.

Why the SHADE BLADE? This minimalistic, single-blade design is optimal for outdoor shooting under a primary light source like the sun. It is a nod to innovative design, though may feel unconventional for those who are accustomed to full-coverage hoods.

2. MAVEN FALCON / SOLO Magnetic Lens Hood

2 Magnetic Lens Hoods showing the Falcon Hood and Solo Hood


  • Fast Application: Quick to attach or detach.
  • Strategic Placement: Fits between the camera lens and filters, on a step-up ring, or at the filter’s end.
  • Premium Material: Crafted from aluminum with an exquisite finish; integrated magnetism enhance its aesthetic appeal.
  • Customizable: Versatile in sizing, even for larger telephoto lenses.


  • Storage Care: Direct contact with lenses (reversing the hood over the lens) might cause scuffing.
  • Fixed Sizing: Available in fixed sizes (82mm, 77mm), unlike the adaptable SHADE BLADE.
  • Safety: Offers some sideways impact protection, but can be prone to getting knocked off if it is bumped.

Falcon Lens Hood and Solo Lens Hood attached to cameras.


In summary, the three MAVEN designs are undeniably an excellent fit for those seeking shade protection. We’re eager to place these prototypes in users’ hands and gather insights. If impact protection is a priority and filter dislodgment is minimal, then the traditional manufacturer’s lens hood remains unbeatable. However, we’re continuously innovating, so stay tuned for upcoming designs that altogether combine the best of both worlds!