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3 reviews for Maven Magnetic Filter Sets

  1. paul walker (verified owner)

    Exceptional filters. Absolutely stellar customer service – thank you Adam.

  2. r.carder21 (verified owner)

    I purchased a set of 77mm filters and two additional magnetic rings and caps about a year ago. I have REALLY enjoyed using them. I use the CPL and the ten stop the most, and often together. The colors of my filtered photo matches my test shot EVERY TIME. no color cast that my eyes can see. i just purchased another magnetic ring and cap so now three out of the four lenses I use the most have the mag ring to use the filters. Ill wait a few paychecks then purchase the ring and cap for the fourth lens!

    AWESOME PRODUCTS! I’m even thinking about getting a set for my 43mm nifty RF50.

  3. Scott (verified owner)

    I don’t know where to start. These filters are amazing! You can see the years of experience and love that went into their creation. My camera will never leave the house without them.

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Maven Color Coded Magnetic Filters Photography & Videography Set

The Maven Color Coded Magnetic Filters Set is curated to enhance your photography and videography endeavors with ultimate convenience and versatility. This comprehensive set includes a range of essential filters and accessories designed to enhance your creative vision. Maven Filters received PetaPixel Accessory of the Year and Phoblographer 2023 Editor’s Choice. 

Key Filters:

  • 3 Stop Neutral Density Filter: The red-colored 3 Stop Filter is essential for videographers, landscape, and portrait photographers. The 3-Stop offers precise light reduction for optimal exposure control. The 3 Stop Filter is red to match the video record button icon.
  • 6 Stop Neutral Density Filter:  The 6-Stop is ideal for long exposures during twilight hours. Reduce 98.5% of available light with the light purple 6 Stop Filter. For easy identification, the 6-Stop is light purple for use during twilight hours. Six tactile grooves on the aluminum ring provide easy identification.
  • 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter: The gold-colored 10 Stop Filter, reduces 99.9% of available light while maintaining color neutrality. Achieve long exposure effects in sunny conditions. 10 distinct grooves on the aluminum ring provide easy identification.
  • Circular Polarizer Filter: The blue Maven Circular Polarizer (CPL) is a “must have” for landscape photography. Intensify blue skies and reduce glare from non-metallic surfaces. Ensure easy identification with the bright blue ridged control ring to match the blue sky.
  • Splash (UV) Guard FilterEnsure the front of your lens remains safe. Ideal for harsh conditions, this filter has protective properties of a splash (UV) guard to get ultimate protection for your lens in dirty, dusty, or harsh weather conditions.

UV Filter Perspective:

UV filters are often exploited and unnecessary for digital cameras. It is found that lens coatings offer superior protection, but cheap UV filters can degrade image sharpness. However, UV filters can be used as splash or spray guards to protect lenses in dusty or wet environments. Henceforth, the creation of MAVEN Splash Guards. Made with a distinctive grey color ring, white optical glass, multi-resistant coating, and hydrophobic nano-coating.

Included Essential Components:

  • Maven Magnetic Adapter Ring: Thread this ring onto the front of your lens to effortlessly attach the filters, providing seamless compatibility and easy installation.
  • Maven Magnetic Front Cap: Protect your lens and filters with the magnetic front cap, ensuring the safety of your gear during transport and storage.
  • For more versatile usage between different lens sizes check out Maven Adapter Rings and The Q Case.

Elevate your photography and videography experience with the Maven Color Coded Magnetic Filter Set! Meticulously crafted to meet the demands of discerning professionals and enthusiasts alike. For filters at a fraction of the cost, check out Maven Threaded Filters. 

Award Winning

Each Filter Set Includes The Following:

*M/L Filter Sets come with Quick Draw case.  S/XL/XXL/XXXL come with soft case

  • Front Cap
  • Adapter Ring
  • 3 Stop Neutral Density
  • 6 Stop Neutral Density
  • 10 Stop Neutral Density
  • Circular Polarizer
  • Splash Guard / UV

Here is what other photographers are saying about

 maven filters

the filters

3 Stop Neutral Density

• Videographers shooting outdoors on a sunny day who still want to shoot at f2.8 without overexposure.

• Landscape Photographers who want to get long exposures for waterfalls.

• Portrait photographers using strobe outdoors who are looking to balance ambient and strobe lights.

6 Stop Neutral Density

Reducing 98.5% of the amount of available light, a 6 Stop Filter allows ~1.5% of existing light to enter the camera. If you are attempting long exposures, it is one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

Because 6-stop filters are often used during twilight hours, Michael chose to color it LIGHT PURPLE. The 6063 Aluminum Ring also has 6 distinct grooves for tactile indication in lower light environments, such as cityscapes with car light trails.

10 Stop Neutral Density

Reducing 99.9% of the amount of available light, a 10 Stop Filter allows 0.1% of existing light to enter the camera. It is one of the most important tools in your arsenal if you are attempting very long exposures, especially during the day.

Because it is often used during the daytime when it is sunny, Michael chose to color it Orange. The 6063 Aluminum Ring also has 10 distinct grooves for tactile indication in lower-light environments.

Circular Polarizer

Circular Polarizers (CPL) are a staple of every landscape photographer’s tool kit for their ability to remove glare from non-metallic surfaces, think reflections off water or glare coming from wet vegetation.

CPLs are also fantastic for making your skies pop deep blue. Many videographers use CPLs to give the effect of very blue skies in camera without the need to post process.

Designed to Michael’s specs, the MAVEN BLUE Circular Polarizer is engineered to be easy to identify, use, and last a lifetime of high-end photography use.

Splash Guard / UV

“As a photography community, we really need to stop calling them UV filters unless we are shooting film. They are more precisely described as splash or spray guards because that is the function they really do help with. If I am out in a very dusty, dirty or wet environment, I will use a Splash Guard to prevent my lenses from environmental consequences. “ Michael

Front Cap – Adapter Ring

The Front Cap protects the glass element of your filters and lens.

The Adapter Ring threads onto the front of your lens, allowing you to attach the magnetic filters to it.


*Quick Case is included with the following filter set sizes:

52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm

Why Choose Maven nd filters?

Tier 1 Color Performance


Photo: Solomon Pena


No ND Filter

10ND from well know Filter Brand

Maven 10ND

3 Stop ND

6 Stop ND

photo: Louis Chan

10 Stop ND

photo: Salomon Pena