Maven High Standard Threaded Filters



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Maven High Standard Threaded Filters:

Same color performance as our magnetic filters line at a fraction of the cost.

Maven High Standard Threaded Filters provide photographers with essential tools for enhancing their photography at a fraction of the cost of our Magnetic Filters. Neutral Density Filters range from 3-stop to 10-stop for precise exposure control. With the Maven Circular Polarizer for intensified blue skies; these filters cater to various shooting scenarios. Additionally, a Splash Guard/UV filter offers superior lens protection with advanced features ensuring optimal performance.

3 Stop Neutral Density Filter

  • Essential Tool: Ideal for videographers, landscape photographers, and portrait photographers.
  • Distinctive Design: Red color matches the video record button icon, ensuring easy identification.

6 Stop Neutral Density Filter

  • Vital for Long Exposures: Reduces 98.5% of available light, perfect for twilight hours.
  • Tactile Identification: Light purple color and six grooves on the aluminum ring for easy tactile identification.

10 Stop Neutral Density Filter

  • Essential for Long Exposures: Reduces 99.9% of available light while maintaining color neutrality.
  • Designed for Sunny Conditions: Gold color and ten distinct grooves on the aluminum ring for easy identification.

Capless Circular Polarizer Filter (CPL)

  • Must-Have for Landscape Photographers: Removes glare from non-metallic surfaces and intensifies blue skies.
  • User-Friendly Design: Bright blue ridged control ring for easy identification and use.

*Note: When using the Maven High Standard Threaded CPL Filter, you may be unable to attach your lens hood. Check out this video of magnetic filters working on other lens hoods.

Splash Guard / UV Filter

  • Superior Protection: Maven Splash Guards offer superior lens protection compared to cheap UV filters.
  • Versatile Use: Can be used as splash or spray guards in dusty or wet environments.
  • Advanced Features: Grey color, pure white optical glass, multi-resistant coating, and hydrophobic nano-coating ensure optimal performance and durability.

Protect Your Filters:

  • Maven Filters has many types of cases and holders built for filter protection such as the Maven R Case.

Maven High Standard Threaded Filters are a great budget-friendly option that are looking for high quality filters. Check out The Phoblographer In Depth Review in how the quality performs. For a dual action filter, check out the CPL ND Filter. Elevate your photography today with our tactilely identifiable filters, reduce light, and maintain color neutrality for perfect long exposures.