Front Cap 2.0


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Discover the MAVEN 2.0 Cap: Superior Design for Enhanced Usability

Key Features for Enhanced Usability

In designing the MAVEN 2.0 Cap, we focused on your convenience. Therefore, we integrated several user-friendly features that address all your needs:

  • Easy Removal: Crafted specifically for effortless removal, even when used under a lens hood, the MAVEN 2.0 ensures hassle-free operation. Moreover, it allows for quick adjustments on the go.
  • Optimized Strength: We have carefully fine-tuned the cap’s strength by slightly reducing it (1-2 Newtons), which prevents it from dislodging other filters during removal. This adjustment ensures a balance between secure attachment and easy detachment.
  • Rubberized Lint Trap: Additionally, this feature maintains the cap’s cleanliness and functionality, enhancing its usability over time.

Innovative Design Elements

Furthermore, the MAVEN 2.0 Cap not only meets functional needs but also boasts innovative design features:

  • Central Grip: Placed strategically at the heart of the cap, the central grip improves handling and maneuverability, making it easier to manage.
  • Tilting Edge: This new feature further simplifies the removal process, allowing for a better grip and easier handling, which is crucial during fast-paced shoots.
  • Removable Center Wheel: Also, this design innovation opens up possibilities for future grip customizations, adding versatility to your photographic equipment.

Why MAVEN 2.0?

Choose the MAVEN 2.0 Cap for its perfect blend of functionality and innovation. It is the ideal choice for photographers who require equipment that is as reliable as it is easy to use. Whether you are working in a studio or capturing the great outdoors, the MAVEN 2.0 is designed to keep up with your creative demands.

In conclusion, embrace the new possibilities with the MAVEN 2.0 Cap. Order now and significantly elevate your photography experience!

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62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm


Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Purple


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