Filter Cases


The Maven Quick Draw Case is a transparent carry case for MAVEN filters. It allows for lightning fast access, without the need to read the fine print.
The Maven Q-Case is a durable hard shell case that has a spacious interior designed to protect your filters, step-up rings, and other small photography essentials. This Maven Filter Case is a great option for those looking at storage options for their accessories.

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The Maven R Filter Case is designed with soft yet durable materials and featuring a secure metal link closure. It provides the perfect storage solution for your valuable filters. Keep your filters protected and easily accessible wherever your photography adventures take you.

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Protect and organize your filters with the Maven Filter Holster, a soft yet heavy-duty carrier designed to keep your equipment safe and accessible wherever you go. The Maven Filter Holster features many different sized pockets for organization and includes convenient travel options.

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Experience the convenience and functionality of this Maven Filter Case. With its versatile pouch and attached lens cleaning cloth, it offers the perfect solution for storing and maintaining your filters wherever your photography adventures take you

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Filter Cases – Durable Security and Organization

Maven Filter Cases have many options when it comes to storing and protecting your Maven Filter Set and accessories. Each case has been designed for durability, protection, and organization.

Maven Filter Cases:

Maven Quick Case – 5 Slot Filter Case

Filter Cases

  • Compact and Durable: Safeguard your filters in a hard filter case built for lasting protection.
  • Effortless Access: Dividers ensure easy separation and quick retrieval of your filters.
  • Enhanced Design: Accommodates 3-5 medium width filters and includes slots for caps and step-up rings.
  • New Color: Differentiate your collection with the sleek Gray Quick Case.

Maven R-Case – 6 Slot Filter Case

Maven Blue Case

  • Soft Filter Case: Crafted with durable yet soft materials, providing gentle protection for your filters.
  • Secure Closure: Features a metal link closure for enhanced security during transport.
  • Effortless Accessibility: Seamless storage with 6 slots for organized and readily accessible filters.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Fits filters up to 82mm, offering flexibility for your photography needs.

Maven Filter Holster – Large Filter Cases

Maven Holster Black Case

  • Organized Storage: Up to 9 slots for neatly organizing and accessing your filters.
  • Front Storage Pocket: Keep smaller camera accessories safe in the convenient front pocket.
  • Spacious Design: Store larger items and additional filters in the outer front pocket of this filter case.
  • Convenient Travel Options: Metal link closure, belt loop strap, and additional security links provide peace of mind during travel.

Maven Q-Case – Spacious Filter Cases

Maven Filter Cases holding Step-Up Rings

  • Spacious Interior: Accommodates various items with ample room for customization.
  • No Dividers: Enjoy freedom in organizing your gear without constraints.
  • Ideal for Stacking: Accommodates more filters when stacked together for efficient storage.
  • Increased Capacity: Fits more filters and accessories compared to traditional cases.

Maven Filter Pouch – Single Filter Cases

Maven Filter Pouch with Filters Inside

  • Versatile Storage: Securely store any filter with this filter case ensuring they remain safe and accessible.
  • Universal Compatibility: The Maven Pouch ensures compatibility with your entire filter collection and various sizes, providing flexibility for your photography needs.
  • Integrated Lens Cleaning Cloth: Added convenience of an attached lens cleaning cloth, allowing for quick lens maintenance on the go.

Maven Filter Cases bring convenience and flexibility to photographers on the go. For more protection, check out Maven Magnetic Front and Back Caps.


The Quick Case is a hard case with dividers to keep your filters seperated for easy access.

Medium Size: 52mm-62mm Filters

Large Size: 67mm-82mm Filters

The slots on the Quick Case are different sizes case.




Use The Q – Case to store your Adapter Rings, Step-Up Rings and Caps

*Fits up to 82mm


The R – Case is a soft filter with 6 slots.

*Fits up to 82mm