MAVEN ND Filters, or Neutral Density Filters are designed with speed & performance in mind. Real Color Neutrality, Magnetic Connection & Color Coded Rings.

Maven Creative Photography Filters


**Adapter Ring and Front Cap Sold seperatly**

Show Glow Filter. Three strengths of diffusion.
Show Glow Filter
Filter Size
Infrared Filter showing black and white photo
IR720 Filter
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Blue streak flare filter lens mimic anamorphic lens flare
Streak Filters
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Streak Color


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Elevate Your Cinematic Experience with Maven Creative Photography Filters

Maven Plasma Streak Filters

Blue and Gold Maven Plasma streak flare filter lens mimic anamorphic lens flare


Capture the iconic essence of cinema with Maven Creative Photography Filters. Our Plasma Streak Filter is designed to emulate the unique horizontal flare characteristic of anamorphic lenses, transforming your visuals into rich, cinematic masterpieces.

The Blue Maven Plasma Streak filter will create anamorphic lens flares

Key Features of Plasma Streak Filters

  • Signature Horizontal Flare: Immerse your audience in signature blue or orange streaks that gracefully glide across the frame. Precision-etched lines disperse bright light, mimicking the legendary anamorphic lens flare.
  • Bokeh Boost: Enhance your bokeh with an elliptical charm, reminiscent of high-end anamorphic lenses.
  • Filmic Ambiance: Amplify your work’s atmosphere, adding a cinematic vibe layered with drama and nuanced depth.
  • Budget-Friendly Magic: Achieve the anamorphic look without the hefty price tag, providing unique charm at an affordable cost.
  • Adaptable & Versatile: Select from a variety of colors and intensities to tailor the effect precisely to your artistic vision.
  • Unleash Creativity: Sprinkle cinematic wonder over neon-lit streets and cityscapes, making each shot unforgettable.

Unlock Creative Photography with the Maven IR720 Filter

Get creative with the Infrared Light Spectrum with the Maven IR720 Infrared Filter

Get creative with the Invisible Spectrum

Unleash your creativity with the IR720 filter, designed to reveal a hidden dimension in photography. Capture the unseen spectrum and elevate your artistic expression.

Understanding the Spectrum

  • Visible Spectrum: Human eyes perceive wavelengths from 300 to 700 nm.
  • Near Infrared Spectrum: Extending from 700 to 2500 nm, this realm remains invisible to the naked eye.
  • Camera Sensitivity: Most cameras can detect infrared, but IR Cut filters typically limit this ability.

Key Advantages of the IR720 Filter

  • No Permanent Changes: Experience infrared photography without expensive, irreversible modifications.
  • Cost-Effective: An affordable gateway to the captivating world of infrared photography.
  • Enhanced Light Capture: By blocking visible light below 720 nm, the filter enriches your infrared shots, offering detailed and artistic expression.

Transformative Effects

  • Water and Glass: Witness dramatic transformations as these surfaces appear darker, revealing hidden details.
  • Skin Tones: Achieve smoother, more uniform skin tones, adding enchantment to portraits.
  • New Perspectives: Discover unseen textures and extraordinary details, redefining your perception of the world.


Illuminate Your Photography with Show Glow Diffusion Filters

the creative Photography Show Glow Filter. Three strengths of diffusion.

Soft Glow, Sharp Focus with Show Glow Diffusion

Enhance your visuals with Maven’s Show Glow Diffusion Filters. These filters scatter light, creating a captivating glow while retaining image sharpness.

Key Features of Show Glow Diffusion Filters

  • Contrast Reduction: Reduce image contrast while producing a soft glow around light sources.
  • Retain Sharpness: Ensure every detail remains crisp even amid the soft glow.

Innovative Design

  • Universal Visual Language: Squares on the filter rims clearly indicate diffusion strength inversely.
  • Dual-Color Anodized Rings: Distinct dual-color rings set new standards in visual and tactile differentiation.
  • Pioneering Technology: MAVEN’s approach paves the way for future advancements, suitable for photographers at any skill level.

Experience Next-Level Creativity

Elevate your visual storytelling with these innovative filters, designed to help you effortlessly express your artistic vision.

Diffusion Strength Examples: