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Enhance your astrophotography with the Maven Astrophotography Filters: Starry Focus Filter (Bahtinov Mask). Achieve sharp, detailed night sky images effortlessly. Perfect for all skill levels and compatible with various lenses. Reduce light pollution with the Maven Night Sky Filter for clear, natural shots. Elevate your nighttime photography today!


Night Filter made for the night sky
Night Sky
Filter Size
Starry Focus Filter aka bahtinov mask used for astrophotography and focusing on stars
Starry Focus Filter
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Maven Magnetic Astrophotography Filters:

Starry Focus Filter (AKA Bahtinov Mask) – Focusing on Stars

Starry Focus Filter (Bahtinov Mask) unique pattern allows for precise focusing for astrophotography


Enhance your astrophotography with the Maven Magnetic Astrophotography Filters: The Maven Starry Focus Filter simplifies focusing on stars, ensuring sharp, detailed images. Quickly attach the filter, manually focus using the clear star indicators, and capture the beauty of the night sky. Compatible with various lenses and built to last, it’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned astrophotographers.

Features of Maven Starry Focus Filter

  • Easy Focus: Clip the filter on, align using star markers, and remove it. It’s straightforward.
  • Clear Stars: No more squinting at your screen. The filter makes stars pop, simplifying focusing.
  • Quick to Use: Focus fast, remove the filter, and start shooting. You won’t miss a moment.
  • Tough Build: Ready for the outdoors with its reliability for any night shoot.

Starry Focus Filter (Bahtinov Mask) attached to a camera lens, aiding in precise focusing for astrophotography.

Benefits of Using the Starry Focus Filter

  • Sharper Photos: Get crisp images of stars with less effort.
  • Save Time: Less time focusing means more time for capturing stunning night skies.
  • User-Friendly: Great for experts and beginners. It makes astrophotography simple.
  • Compact: Light and easy to pack, a must-have for field trips.

How to Use the Maven Starry Focus Filter

  1. Clip On: Just attach the filter to your lens.
  2. Line Up: Use the star markers to focus easily.
  3. Shoot: Take off the filter and capture the magic.

With the Maven Starry Focus Filter, taking breathtaking night sky photos is easy and fun. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to stunning, focused shots of the stars. Focusing on stars has never been more enjoyable!

Illuminate Your Night Shots with the Maven Night Sky Filter

Night Sky Filter attached to a camera lens, reducing light pollution and enhancing clarity of star-filled night sky.

Enhance your nighttime photography with the Maven Night Sky Filter. This filter eliminates color cast caused by artificial light sources like street lamps. Artificial light sources flood the sky in big cities, making it difficult to have a clear night sky that is true to life.

Clearer Nightscapes with the Maven Night Sky Filter

  • Enhance Clarity: Achieve clearer and more captivating nightscapes with reduced color distortion. Subjects will stand out against the night sky backdrop due to this enhanced clarity.

Superior Night Sky Color

  • Minimize Color Cast: Minimize the undesirable color cast made by artificial light sources. Night shots appear more natural and true to life.

Elevate your nighttime photography with the Maven Night Sky Filter, ensuring your images are free from unwanted color cast and full of captivating clarity. Say goodbye to night skies that are destroyed by city lights. See your city’s night sky in a new way you haven’t seen before!

Your new, true-to-life sky will be enchanting. Undoubtedly, this filter will change the way people usually see the night sky with unnatural color casting. Illuminate your night photography today with clear and natural skies. Check out Alex Armitage’s long-term review of Maven Filters.

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