Linear Polarizer Set


The Filters, Adapter, Cap and Quick Case in the Dark CPL Filter Set are individually packaged.
Included Items:
  • 3 Stop Neutral Density
  • 6 Stop Neutral Density
  • 10 Stop Neutral Density
  • Linear Polarizer
  • Magnetic Adapter Ring
  • Front Cap
  • Quick Case
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Maven Linear Polarizer Filter Set

The Maven Linear Polarizer Filter Set is curated for use with mirrorless cameras. This comprehensive set includes a range of essential filters and accessories designed to enhance your creative vision. Maven Filters received PetaPixel Accessory of the Year and Phoblographer 2023 Editor’s Choice. 

Filters Included:

  • 3 Stop Neutral Density Filter: The red-colored 3 Stop Filter is essential for videographers, landscape, and portrait photographers. The 3-Stop offers precise light reduction for optimal exposure control. The 3 Stop Filter is red to match the video record button icon.
  • 6 Stop Neutral Density Filter:  The 6-Stop is ideal for long exposures during twilight hours. Reduce 98.5% of available light with the light purple 6 Stop Filter. For easy identification, the 6-Stop is light purple for use during twilight hours. Six tactile grooves on the aluminum ring provide easy identification.
  • 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter: The gold-colored 10 Stop Filter, reduces 99.9% of available light while maintaining color neutrality. Achieve long exposure effects in sunny conditions. 10 distinct grooves on the aluminum ring provide easy identification.
  • Linear Polarizer Filter: The blue Maven Circular Polarizer (LPL) is a “must have” for landscape photography. Intensify blue skies and reduce glare from non-metallic surfaces. Ensure easy identification with the bright blue ridged control ring to match the blue sky.
  • Splash (UV) Guard FilterEnsure the front of your lens remains safe. Ideal for harsh conditions, this filter has protective properties of a splash (UV) guard to get ultimate protection for your lens in dirty, dusty, or harsh weather conditions.

UV Filter Perspective:

UV filters are often exploited and unnecessary for digital cameras. It is found that lens coatings offer superior protection, but cheap UV filters can degrade image sharpness. However, UV filters can be used as splash or spray guards to protect lenses in dusty or wet environments. Henceforth, the creation of MAVEN Splash Guards. Made with a distinctive grey color ring, white optical glass, multi-resistant coating, and hydrophobic nano-coating.

Included Essential Components:

  • Magnetic Adapter Ring: Thread this ring onto the front of your lens to effortlessly attach the filters, providing seamless compatibility and easy installation.
  • Maven Magnetic Front Cap: Protect your lens and filters with the magnetic front cap, ensuring the safety of your gear during transport and storage.
  • Maven Quick Case: Hard plastic case specifically designed to hold the LPL,3ND,6ND,10ND and Splash Guard Filters


For more versatile usage between different lens sizes check out Maven Magnetic Step-Up Rings and The Q Case.

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52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm, 112mm


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