Dark CPL Set


The Filters, Adapter, Cap and Quick Case in the Dark CPL Filter Set are individually packaged.
Included Items:
  • 3ND Dark CPL
  • 6ND Dark CPL
  • 10ND Dark CPL
  • Linear Polarizer
  • Magnetic Adapter Ring
  • Front Cap 2.0
  • Quick Case 2.0


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Dark CPL Filter Sets

The Maven Dark CPL Magnetic Filters Set is curated to enhance your Landscape Photography and videography endeavors with ultimate convenience and versatility. This comprehensive set includes a range of essential filters and accessories designed to enhance your creative vision. Maven Filters received PetaPixel Accessory of the Year and Phoblographer 2023 Editor’s Choice. 


  • 3 Stop Dark CPL Filter: The red-colored 3 Stop Filter is essential for videographers, landscape, and portrait photographers. The 3-Stop offers precise light reduction for optimal exposure control. The 3 Stop Filter is red to match the video record button icon.
  • 6 Stop Dark CPL Filter:  The 6-Stop is ideal for long exposures during twilight hours. Reduce 98.5% of available light with the light purple 6 Stop Filter. For easy identification, the 6-Stop is light purple for use during twilight hours. Six tactile grooves on the aluminum ring provide easy identification.
  • 10 Stop Dark CPL Filter: The gold-colored 10 Stop Filter, reduces 99.9% of available light while maintaining color neutrality. Achieve long exposure effects in sunny conditions. 10 distinct grooves on the aluminum ring provide easy identification.
  • Linear Polarizer Filter: The blue Maven Linear Polarizer (LPL) is a “must have” for landscape photography. Intensify blue skies and reduce glare from non-metallic surfaces. Ensure easy identification with the bright blue ridged control ring to match the blue sky.
    Combination for Variable Density Filter:

    Combining the Linear Polarizer with any of the Dark CPLs will create a Variable Density Filter with 1.3-5 stops of filtration by rotating the filter.

Included Essential Components:

  • Magnetic Adapter Ring: Thread this ring onto the front of your lens to effortlessly attach the filters, providing seamless compatibility and easy installation.
  • Magnetic Front Cap 2.0: Protect your lens and filters with the magnetic front cap, ensuring the safety of your gear during transport and storage.
  • Quick Case 2.0(62mm – 82mm sets only): This hard plastic carry case protects your filters when not in use. Designed to fit our WAVE 2 filters and can hold up to 5 WAVE 2 filters
  • For more versatile usage between different lens sizes check out Maven Magnetic Step-Up Rings and The Q Case.

Elevate your Landscape photography and videography experience with the Maven Dark CPL Magnetic Filter Set! Meticulously crafted to meet the demands of discerning professionals and enthusiasts alike.


dark cpl filter set

Maven Filters Magnetic Linear Polarizer Filter

Linear Polarizer

•Changes light by aligning it in a single direction.

Best for mirrorless cameras.

Offers better film color.

•Can be paired with a Dark CPL to create a Variable Density Filter

Allows 1.3-5 stops of adjustable light control by rotating the filters

Dark CPLs

Enhanced Color Saturation: Removes reflections and deepens colors for vivid, true-to-life images.

Light Exposure Control: Provides precise exposure control for balanced photos in changing light conditions.

Crystal Clarity: Captures every detail with exceptional sharpness.

Versatile Solution: Perfect for landscapes and cityscapes, ensuring vibrant, balanced shots.

No Vignetting: Minimizes vignetting, even when stacking filters.

Maximum Light: Fewer glass layers allow more light to reach the sensor, producing bright, sharp images.

Maven Front Cap 2.0

Front Cap /

Magnetic Adapter Ring

Magnetic Adapter Ring:

Function: Threads onto the front of your lens, allowing magnetic filters to connect.

Front Cap:

Central Grip: Placed strategically at the heart of the cap, this feature improves handling and maneuverability, making it easier to manage.

Tilting Edge: Simplifies the removal process with a better grip, crucial for fast-paced shoots.

Removable Center Wheel: Adds versatility to your equipment by allowing for future grip customizations.

Maven Filters 3 Stop Dark Circular Polarizer Magnetic Filter

Quick Case 2.0

  • Enhanced Design: Our Quick Case now accommodates 3-5 medium-width filters
  • Improved Functionality: Features two large slots for caps and step-up rings, providing added versatility and convenience.
  • New Color: Differentiate your collection with our sleek Gray Quick Case, designed to complement your evolving gear setup.