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MAVEN ND Filters, or Neutral Density Filters are designed with speed & performance in mind. Real Color Neutrality, Magnetic Connection & Color Coded Rings.

Magnetic Circular Polarizer

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2 reviews for Magnetic Circular Polarizer

  1. Chris Wayne (verified owner)

    Wow, these filters are a game-changer! The image quality? Top-notch. And the build quality? It’s clear they didn’t cut any corners when making these. You can tell they really thought it through. If you’re a photographer, you’ve got to check these out. I can’t recommend them enough!

  2. Rick (verified owner)

    Great polarizer. Ease of use is exceptional. One improvement I would like to see is to make the magnet stronger so it is more secure. Understandably there is a trade in still being able to rotate it easily.

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Circular Polarizers – Elevate Your Landscape Photography

Unlock the full potential of your landscape photography with the MAVEN Circular Polarizer Filter. This filter is a versatile and essential tool that will enhance contrast, saturation, and the overall visual appeal of your shots.

Circular Polarizer Filter brings out the blue in the sky

Improve Contrast and Saturation

  • Enhance Visual Impact: Circular Polarizers help intensify contrast and saturation which enriches the colors in your landscape photographs for a more captivating result.
  • Vivid Image Representation: Enhance your experience with clarity and depth in your images and ensure every detail stands out with exceptional vibrancy.

Enhance Blue Skies and Reduce Unwanted Reflections

Circular Polarizer reduces reflections in water

  • Intensify Sky Color: Bring out the true blues in the sky, adding depth and drama to your landscape shots.
  • Minimize Reflections: Polarization effectively reduces unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces. Undoubtedly, results are now crisp, clear, and distraction-free.

Optimal Performance

  • Easy Identification and Use: The Maven Circular Polarizer is made for effortless identification, usage, and long-term reliability.
  • Lifetime of High-End Photography: Withstand the demands of professional photography, ensuring consistent performance and exceptional results in every shot.

On the other hand, Neutral Density Filters block out light coming into the camera lens. For more versatile smartphone photography, Maven Filters has many options when it comes to a Smartphone Filter Set which includes a smartphone adapter, CPL and 3ND Filter. To balance the overexposed sky with a dark foreground, check out the Maven Circular Graduated ND Filter.

Experience the difference in your photos with Maven Circular Polarizers. This is your essential companion for achieving stunning landscape photography with overall enhanced contrast, saturation, and clarity. Photographer Alex Armitage says, “Every Photographer Needs This Filter.” Check out his review! For mirrorless cameras, check out the Maven Linear Polarizer.

Protect Your Filters:

For smart ways to protect your filters, Maven Filters has many Filter Cases to ensure safety.

Make the sky pop vibrant blue

Without Circular Polarizer

With the Maven Circular Polarizer

Eliminate reflections, including on water

Without Circular Polarizer

With the Maven Circular Polarizer

Photo by Steve Bell

photo: Steve Bell