MAVEN FILTERS Announces New 4ND Grad with a limited 50% off discount!

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Hello MAVEN Legend!

4ND 1/2 Gradient magnetic filter

One of the surprise filters of our Wave 2 campaign was our 3ND Grad series. Many of you have asked for a 4ND Grad. We have no idea what the demand will be for this filter, so we decided to do a limited run, in this case 50% off for a limited time. We will be shipping them on a first come, first serve basis.

Maven Filters 3ND and 4ND 1/2 Gradient Filters

You will notice some design differences from the 3GND, the 2 notches (denoting ½ fill) are further apart, and they are also colored “PINK” just like our regular 4 Stop ND filter. As with all of our filters, this allows for both a tactile and visual way to know which filter you have in your hands.

Here is how you can make sure you get one despite limited quantities:

We only have 10 of each in sizes 82mm and 77mm ½ Grads currently in our warehouse, these very first few do not come in retail packaging, it’s just a box and a bar code. Those will ship within 1 business day until we are sold out.

If we sell out of the ones in stock, MAVEN will guarantee to fulfill any orders we receive between today and May 30th, but these will be treated as backorders.

Our manufacturing team has told us they can get a few dozen more to us within the next 2 weeks, and anything beyond that would be another 5-6 weeks. We are also happy to offer refunds if there is change your mind so there is no risk to take advantage of the offer.

All this to say, if know you would like the new 4ND Grad, get the order in, and we will lock that price for you, even if it might have to be on backorder for a few weeks.

If demand is low, and not many want the new 4GND Grad, then this will likely be the only run we have for it.

How Back Orders Will Work Moving Forward:

We want our customers to be able to get any products they want on a first-come-first serve basis, meaning the sooner the order is in, the higher the priority to the customer. To this end, we are testing a new backorder process, which basically means if we are out of stock of something in our US warehouse, you can place an order and we will ship it out as soon as it arrives, with priority given to the earliest orders.

That said, if a customer orders multiple items and we do have something in your order, for now we are telling the warehouse to hang on to the total order until everything is in to avoid duplicate shipping (which to our international customers is very expensive).

If you want to split your order and have 2 shipping batches, just reach out to us and let is know and we will make arrangements, otherwise we will hold the order until the other items arrive.

Or, just order the back-ordered items you want and we will ship only those once they come in stock.

In any event, Thank you all so much for your support!

Best wishes!


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